With this simple trick you’ll drive burglars absolutely crazy. And you’ll be able to sleep easier too.

Christmas time is also celebrated by thieves, but not in the way most of us celebrate. Thieves celebrate this holiday in various ways, one of the most common is break-ins. Families are out of the house, going to relatives or out of town. This creates an opportunity for thieves and they take advantage of it.

Making your doors more secure this time of the year is important. This trick allows you to do just that and you don’t need to spend a fortune on some high end alarm system or lock cylinder apparatus.


Front doors and balcony doors usually have the strike or strip of metal in the door frame. This is where the latch and bolt engage. This is also what is considered the weakest point. Manufacturers will oftentimes have simple screws for this portion of the door. They aren’t long, nor strong. All it can take then is a little pressure to pop that plate off and boom – someone can break into your house, or your apartment.

So what you need to do is take some extra effort and be sure those plate screws are strong and long, and replace them if not. This can literally be all the difference between a successful break-in and a failed break-in. This is definitely a cheap way to provide major added security to your home, as screws, even the top-end, are inexpensive.

It’s sad that so many doors and locks simply haven’t been secured good enough. This is definitely the case with balcony or terrace doors. But this easy trick will ensure that they are secure. If there is resistance on that plate, the thief is not going to spend time on it. Speed is vitally important and if you can slow them down, then this is key for home safety and security.

Share this very important tip with friends and family so everyone remains safe and secure this holiday season!