When she woke up at three in the morning, she realized that something was wrong with her body

We’ve all had those weeks where it didn’t matter what time you went to bed in the slightest, each night we’ll wake up around the same time only to realise you’re no longer that tired. Well, I take that back, we’re exhausted but sleep is evading us.

Insomnia afflicts more than 3 million Americans each year alone, so if you were to expand that globally you’d find it’s more common than not these days. It could be from stress and anxiety, but those two factors can also affect your body in other ways. It’s because of this that many theories have come out explaining possible reasons why your body is waking up at specific times; so if you’ve ever wondered why you’re always waking up at 3AM, here’s a possibility:

11PM – 1AM

Do you head to bed fairly early and find yourself awake around midnight? Well it turns out that your gall bladder may be the cause. The gall bladder produces a biliary fluid to help with absorption and digestion, and can also be easily agitated with anxiety. See what I meant about compounding problems?

1AM – 3AM

In a normal sleep cycle it’s about this time when your body starts purging all the toxins it absorbed throughout the day, with help from the liver. If you’re waking up around this time it can potentially mean you’re having some issues with alcohol or caffeine consumption. This can be fixed by cutting out the two substances and drinking healthier, however; you could still be waking up due to some mental or emotional strain that’s effecting your liver as well.

3AM – 5AM

This is around the time when your muscles are hit with oxygen to help replenish what was lost during the day. In order to accomplish this the lungs need to be working properly, and many Chinese believe the lungs are tied together with feelings of grief and loss. If your nightly wake-up falls around these times it may mean you’re dealing with some unresolved issues with having lost someone close to you.

5AM – 7AM

If you’re always up between five and seven in the morning because you’ve got to take the Browns to the Super Bowl, it could mean you’re having some intestinal problems. The large intestine is there to finish separating the unwanted from the useful, so it’s important to take care of it! Waking up around then could also mean you have some regular life problems to take care of you forgot to deal with!

7AM – 11AM

If you have an odd sort of sleep schedule due to work or school and you’d normally be asleep around seven to eleven it could be because of stress or anxiety. Either of those could easily affect the signals between the stomach and the spleen, but it could also just be that your body is hungry and is ready for a bite!

11AM – 3PM

The Chinese believe that the heart is most involved with communication and relationships, so waking up around this time could potentially mean you’re beginning to starve from social interaction. Getting out and chatting with those around you a bit more should help, unless of course you’re waking up because of an alarm clock, in which case you should just turn it off or break it!

3PM – 7PM

Waking up mid-afternoon could signify a problem with your kidneys or your bladder, or it could mean you’re just drinking too much water before bed! The bladder is like a little sack that can only be filled so much, make sure to empty it before heading to sleep!

7PM – 11PM

If you just can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep it could mean your adrenaline levels are a bit too high for what you’re trying to do (and not do). This could mean you have something you need to do or someone you need to confront, but whatever it is is keeping you up at night!