Watch this lock-picking wiz overcome a Master Lock in 5 seconds with a little hammer

We’ve all at one point or another come across a lock that was missing its key. If that lock’s not attached to anything then it’s usually not that big of a deal, but every once in a while you’ll find yourself locked out of something you need. There’s a few different ways to circumvent the security of a decent lock, some people learn how to pick locks and others will just saw through the metal band that comprises the main portion of them. The former of those two methods could definitely do more than just solve your problem, it could give you a very random life skill not too many others possess these days; the latter would just save you all the time of learning the lock pickers skill set. Then there are those who spend their time figuring out new ways.

YouTuber Bosnianbll loves messing with locks. On his channel he takes all different types of locks and does what he can to figure out new and innovative ways to, well, make the items obsolete. Let’s put it this way: if any thief knew the contents of this video they wouldn’t be carrying around a saw or lock picking set to beat a MasterLock, they’d bring a small hammer. This guy shows you a brand new MasterLock he bought with the keys, locked it up and ensured the inner mechanism worked properly, then took the hammer to it for less than five seconds before it “gave up”. He didn’t use a lot of force, he was more or less just tapping on the side with the hammer and managed to break open the lock!

If his videos teach you anything about one of the most popular lock makers in the world, it’s that you should probably buy a lock from someone else if you actually want your items to remain secure. MasterLock just doesn’t seem to offer the same type of security these days as it used to, sadly. Hopefully people will pay attention to these types of videos more so we can start seeing some actual, secure locks being made sometime soon.