WATCH: ‘Alien Soldier’ Spotted Following The Mars Rover

Very interesting images from the Mars Rover have been discovered and they are now being leaked out and spread across the internet. One of the most shocking is of an apparent humanoid being crouching down and holding a weapon. More detail can be seen when the image is zoomed in and enhanced. It appears to be a genuine martian soldier!

Paranormal Crucible is the YouTube channel which the images have been uploaded onto and now they are spreading like wildfire online. The caption to the clip is the following:

“Intriguing object which I spotted while going through the NASA archives. This one definitely looks artificial in nature and in my opinion is an ancient statuette. The odd thing about this one is that it does resemble an alien grey or possibly an insect type species of alien.”

Martian Soldier

“I have processed and colorized this object in an effort to bring out all the details that I believe are there in the raw image, the only thing I have added is a foot, some of which is there in the original image but almost impossible to make out.”

Martian Soldier

The video goes on to say how this is compelling evidence that there was past life on Mars. Indeed, it is very interesting and does resemble a little martian-like figure armed with a weapon!

Martian Soldier

Pretty crazy, right? Share this potential martian find with all of your friends and family to see what they make of this!