[VIDEO] This is Why You Don’t Take Up Parking in Front of a Diesel Pump

Owning a car doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just park it wherever you want if you’re only going to be gone for “five minutes”, but we all know there are more than a couple people under that impression. People have parked in handicapped spaces, pregnant spaces and right in front of fire hydrants all assuming their case is different from everybody else’s when the rest of us know that’s not true. With that being said it’s important to note that we all make a mistake from time to time, so it’s not something to get super butt hurt over. Someone needs to tell that to this truck driver, but on the other hand if we leave him to it these videos could become one of the more entertaining “series”.

This guy was absolutely fed up with people parking their cars at the gas station right where the Diesel refuelling pump is when the cars don’t take diesel fuel and decided to finally do something about it. While the owner of the car was inside doing who knows what the driver of the truck whips out a tow cable and attaches it to the undercarriage in the back of the car. Once the cable is fastened he calmly walks back to his truck and begins pulling the much smaller car backwards, dragging the front tires the whole way! After the car is repositioned he unhitched it and parked in the spot he’d been waiting on.

The fact that the owner of the car couldn’t hear or see what was going on with his car means that he shouldn’t have left it there to begin with. Well, at least there doesn’t appear to be any damage to his car, but this should at the very least teach him to use an actual parking space next time.