VIDEO: The World’s Biggest Tree Crusher Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

The war in Vietnam left a lot of American blood and guts in the soil over there. A lot of hopes and dreams were lived and lost during that time period and we still didn’t manage to win. A lot of that can be attributed to the terrain in Korea, with massive, lush forests spreading as far as the eye can see there were a lot of places to hide. This is where guerrilla tactics came most into play, so to help combat them the US Military used one massive tool known as the Letourneau G175 Tree Crusher. This monster of a machine was used to help clear out forests our troops would be using or going through as the other commercial options simply wouldn’t have worked. Hell, they wouldn’t have even been safe.

Before the crusher was sent out the individual soldiers would be tasked with tree removal, so you can only imagine the relief those guys must have felt when days of work was completed in only a few minutes. During it’s initial evaluation, two crushers were recorded as having cleared out 2,000 acres of dense forest, all by themselves. Compare to what they were working with beforehand, this seemed like a gift from the heavens. These monster machines didn’t even start showing signs of having any issues until it came across a tree that was more than 12″ in diameter!

Every hour these machines can tackle through four acres of land, 192 in a military workday, which was unheard of at the time. Even to this day it’s one of the best vehicles for tree clearing ever invented, though knowing what we do about the environment now you’d think we’d at least be planting more in their stead…