[VIDEO] The Best Way to Sharpen Your Chainsaw

Sharpening a chainsaw has never been as simple as sharpening a dulled knife blade. The chains on a chainsaw are made using interlocking links of much smaller blades which quickly rotate thanks to the motor. Generally if you wanted to sharpen a blade by hand you would need some very specific sharpening tools and a whole lot of extra time on your hands. Even if you had an electric sharpener to do all the work for you you’d still need to run it along ever single blade. It’s not something that’s considered hard work, but it is very time consuming – especially when you’re new to these types of things.

Well, thanks to the ingenuity of someone much smarter than myself there’s now a tool anyone can use to sharpen each blade simultaneously in a matter of seconds! Dubbed the Oregon PowerSharp System, this nifty little invention actually clamps down around the tip of the chainsaw and locks into place with a couple of plastic pieces that fit through the existing holes in the blade. All you need to do to make it work after that is to press the tip of the saw with the tool attached against something solid and lightly push it in. The PowerSharp has a little rubber stopper at the end of that which is used as a brace and to push the sharpener inside ub against the blades. This actually allows for a more diverse range of blades to be used in it as well!

What used to take half an hour now only takes a few seconds. That should be the motto for humanity in 21st Century, so I’m excited to see what all comes next, what about you?