VapoRub isn’t just meant for colds. Here are 10 clever ways it could improve your health

Whenever you’re sick with a cold and you’ve got some congestion going on one of the most common home remedies is to take some VapoRub and apply it to your chest. Overnight it works to help keep your sinuses more open than they would be had you not, so it’s generally worth having a container of it handy for those crappy times. What many people may not though is that outside of that primary use it can make daily life easier in many more ways! So grab that dust-covered container of Vick’s you’ve got laying around and let’s talk about ten of the more pertinent uses.

Stretch Marks Be Gone!


One thing most pregnant women are self-conscious about is the stretch marks that come with the bulging belly. Well, whether you’re currently pregnant, are about to be or have recently given birth (congratulations!), it turns out that rubbing a little Vick’s on your belly will help prevent and fight those stretch marks! Some of the key ingredients in the jelly-like substance are eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil and a whole list of other materials which all help keep the skin soft and smooth.

Anti-Bruising Cream


Bruises have long been a plague to beautiful skin. You could bump into a door just a little too roughly or hit your chins on a table and earn yourself a purple badge of soreness. Well, whenever you do wind up with a bruise you should know that the properties in Vick’s VapoRub when combined with a pinch of salt will actively work at dissolving the bruise to return your skin to normal!

Sore Muscle Relief

There’s always that one day that takes a little more out of us than we thought it would every once in a while. Whenever they do and your muscles feel sore just apply some of Vick’s! The menthol in the jelly will work not only to give you that cool sensation, but also to relieve that tension.

Train Your Animals


Aside from using Vick’s on your own body you can actually use it as an effective means for training your pets! When you apply the jelly to a location where you don’t want your pet to go the strong scent will help act as a deterrent. That doesn’t mean apply it and they’ll automatically stay away, but it will definitely help.

Prevent Dry, Cracking Heels

Back to the subject of health and beauty one issue many people have with their feet is dry, cracked heels. Running a little VapoRub on your heels will actually prevent that from happening and help heal already damaged soles. Just wash it off with some warm water and wear some cotton socks and you’ll be in your way to smooth heels in no time.

Headache and Migraine Relief


If you’re a chronic sufferer of headaches and migraines it might benefit you to know that running a little on each side of your temple will give you that cool feeling as the menthol kicks in and will also help relieve some of the pressure. This isn’t going to be a simple cure however, so if the problem is recurring you’ll probably want to seek medical help.

Ear Ache Relief


If you take a little cotton ball and rub it on the inside of your ear every few hours it can actually work to help relieve you from the pain of an earache. It will also work to prevent any infections from occurring!

Un-Chap Your Lips


Since winter is here the season of chapped lips is upon us! If you’re all out of chap stick you can actually use some Vick’s to keep your lips from getting worse, and will help prevent them from cracking in the first place.

Got a Sunburn? No Aloe?


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that sunburns can’t happen, the sun is still shining and as long as you’re outside it’s going to hit your skin. You can most definitely get a sunburn! Whenever you do get one and you realise too late you’re missing some aloe vera you can use Vick’s for some relief instead!

Fights Toenail Fungus


One of the key ingredients which makes Vick’s VapoRub what it is, is thymol. This is what gives the jelly it’s antiseptic properties, so rubbing a bit on your nails will help fight fungus and keep your feet looking clean!