Tractor Writes Message In The Snow, Has The Internet Applauding In Agreement

Farmer Dan had a mission. Prunty Farms enlisted him for the seemingly impossible task of meticulously driving a tractor through 10 inches of snow to create something spectacular. Farmer Dan was up for the challenge, while knowing what was on the line. It would either be something that would delight everyone in Christmas cheer, or else one wrong turn and it wouldn’t turn out at all. While a drone recorded the whole endeavor, Farmer Dan was no doubt feeling the pressure!

Very difficult as he couldn’t even see the work he was creating, but had to hope it was all going as planned and predicted. Nevertheless it looked like a blast! But indeed, it was very careful precision which was needed to pull this off. If you saw Dan on ground level, it would appear as if he was just randomly plowing through the snow. But the drone footage proved otherwise. A very exact path was being carved out and the end result would, hopefully, tell the full story.

Indeed the drone footage was amazing! It covered two acres of snow. The final result? Flawless! Farmer Dan did it! Christmas cheer successfully spread, even better that expected. Check out this incredible video and see what he was able to pull off. Share with friends and family!