Toddler is Convinced His Mom Served Him Poop On A Roll For Dinner. You Have To Watch [video]

This could be one of the funniest toddler videos of all time! This little guy takes one looks at this sloppy joe dinner and comes to the conclusion that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then obviously it’s got to be poop!

Indeed, the classic sloppy joe does resemble the mess that this kid has seen in his diapers again and again. Right away he knows well enough not to eat something so nasty and he calls his mom out on it. Poop between two buns? I don’t think so. This little guy is having nothing to do with a poop sandwich!

While the mother tries to explain to him that it’s basically hamburger that is called a sloppy joe, the little dude doesn’t buy it. His response, over and over, is “it’s poop.”

He gets so frustrated at being served poop that he does what anyone would do, has an outburst. But then suddenly he stops and with a deadpan face tries to explain to his mom once again, “it’s poop!”

He goes so far to remove the sandwich from his plate, lay it out on his high-chair tray, spread his arms wide and with the conviction of a defense attorney standing in front of a jury with the smoking gun in front of him, he makes his case: “IT”S POOP!”

This is a total laugh riot and all kinds of comments are rolling in, with some viewers claiming the kid indeed had convinced them that it is what he says:

“I mean, I think I’m convinced its poop at this point.”

Apparently the kid slips in some naughty words during this whole ordeal he is so frustrated. In the beginning, when he discovers what he thinks is a poop sandwich that he is being served, he seems to say: “Son of a bitch, it’s poop.”

Later in the video, he still can’t get over how he’s being served poop for dinner, and if you listen carefully he definitely does say, “It’s poop..dammit!”

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