Thug plays “knockout game” with the wrong victim

This cowardly game began with teen criminals as they would walk up to someone and hit them with a total sucker punch. Apparently attempting to knock them out. It’s been called the “point ’em out, knock ’em out” game, or just “the knockout game”. These sad excuses for human beings will go up to a totally random stranger be it male, female, young or old, and then attack that person out of nowhere with a blindsided blow with the intent to knock them out.

Street justice was served up recently as one of these pathetic punks received some well deserved bullet holes in his body. Apparently a man was waiting for his 6-year-old daughter at a bus stop. He was attacked by the punks, but he also had a concealed carry permit and he put it to use. Marvell Weaver was plugged twice while his punk friends fled.

Weaver was interviewed in prison, and the piece of garbage admitted to doing the same exact knockout attack on at least 6 other people. He admitted it was “a lesson learned” getting shot due to his last attack.

What a pathetic and cowardly trend. Hopefully more people will defend themselves against these fools.