This woman took tweezers and put them inside here. What happens next almost made me vomit.

When you’re out at your favourite bar the last thing you ever want to happen is for something to come along and ruin it for you. Especially after a long, terrible day the last thing anyone wants to deal with is someone else’s baggage or some unexpected turn of events, but we being human rarely get what we want. Sometimes sh** just happens and you can’t avoid it, and others it’s like Mother Nature herself has it out for you! Take the very perturbed gentleman in the video below for example; this guy was out with his friends, enjoying himself as he should be when out of nowhere a rather large moth began flying around his head. Generally moths aren’t that big of a deal, so he didn’t even pay it any mind – which turned out to be a mistake.

Somehow this moth managed to fly into and lodge itself into that poor guy’s ear canal, and it was so far down in it that the guy couldn’t get it out! Understandably the language he then uses isn’t kid friendly, so here’s a warning for you parents. After a few moments of pain and confusion he manages to convince a few of his friends to help get the bugger out, and they accepted the challenge. Fortunately for him they did manage to pull it out eventually, but he should probably go get his ears cleaned out properly when he gets the chance… there could still be a leg or something stuck in there, or poop.

Of all the things I would never expect to happen out at a bar or, anywhere really, a moth making it’s home in my ear canal would be the last of them. How does that even register? Well, if it ever does happen hopefully there are friends around capable of helping me out like this guy did. What would you do in that scenario?