This way, the Santa construct is not a lie that gets discovered, but an unfolding series of good deeds and Christmas spirit.

It’s a conundrum which many parents face in regards to the celebration of Christmas. The Santa factor. While we create this ridiculous fairy tale of Santa coming down the chimney after flying around the sky with reindeer, there eventually comes that point where the jig is up. I mean c’mon, you don’t want your kid going into high school still believing the so-called “Santa-lie” right?

best way to tell kids about Santa without lying

So how do you ease them out of the lie without them feeling horrible about being fibbed to and you feeling massively guilty?

Usually you begin to notice that by 7-years-old, they are already putting two and two together. Sometimes they will get out of bed and try to catch the big fat guy coming down the chimney to prove their suspicions that Santa isn’t real. Some die-hard parents will even go extreme measures of dressing up as Santa to keep the fairy tale alive year after year.

Instead of doing that, you should come clean, but in a very clever way. Once suspicion sets in, it’s time to give the game up. Time to go out for donuts and break the news to them very carefully.

One way to flip the fib into something more realistic, is to have them become Santa themselves. Sounds strange but when you sit them down you can tell them how much they’ve grown and how big they now are. Then say it looks like they are ready to become a Santa Claus themselves.

By now they’ve likely seen how various men are dressed up as Santa Claus. Obviously there isn’t just one. That is because Santa is everywhere, and we all can become a Santa.

So how does your kid become a Santa? By secretly giving someone a gift without them knowing and labeling it coming from Santa.

Let them choose someone, like a neighbor. Make it a secret mission. Kids love secret missions. Even better find out what someone really needs or likes and provide that gift. This provides the lesson of unselfish giving to the child.

Even better is to choose someone who may have not been the nicest person to you or them in the past. It’s easy to choose a friend or someone you know, but choosing someone that has been more challenging or has challenges, is a great way to give unselfishly.

Whatever you may have noticed that a particular neighbor may need, or a simple thing anyone could use, your child can secretly be Santa for them and provide it as a gift.

Always tell the child that it must remain a secret, forever! That’s what being Santa is all about!

So in the end, it doesn’t feel like it’s all been about a lie. But rather a big secret, and now they are in on the secret and must continue the Santa tradition themselves!

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Credit: Charity Hutchinson