This Shotgun Shell Expands Like a Frag Grenade [VIDEO]

With Donald Trump elected as president there are more than a few gun owners and manufacturers feeling more secure in their right to own and handle them, where if Hillary were elected they would more than likely have ended up turning a few in to the government. Luckily for guns that wasn’t the case, and new innovations in both the weapons themselves and their ammunition can continue to evolve. Take shotguns for example; these powerful weapons can make even the most unskilled marksman look like a professional with some of their ammunition types (bird spray), and now there’s finally a shell that acts like a hand grenade!

Meet the Gualbo Steel Fragmentation shotgun slug: these shells feature a no-lead design that uses the momentum of a collar to cause the “fins” to bloom outward for absolutely lethal results. On top of the bloom from the shells they’ve got monstrous amounts of penetration, so you can be sure that anything you shoot is about to have a large hole in them afterwards! How does this differ from a buckshot? A buckshot creates multiple little holes that all create a larger one, but with the Gualbo Steel you don’t have to worry about picking random bits of shrapnel out of your stew.

If you ever wanted to feel like Duke Nukem while hunting in the woods then there’s no other ammo type you’ll need than the frag grenade shotgun!