This Road Looks Like It Suddenly Ends, But It’s Really A Tunnel Connecting Denmark And Sweden

Nowadays it takes something truly bizarre in the everyday world for us to stop and take pause. We have taken for granted the everyday miraculous feats of humankind be it the automobiles we drive, the paved roads we ride, and the bridges which carry us from one land mass to another. But speaking of bridges, here’s an exception that you won’t take for granted.

This is a marvel of engineering that will cause pause as it truly is magnificent and like nothing else you’ve seen. It is a bridge connecting Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to Malmo, a city in Sweden.

From the other side, this is what it looks like. The bridge transitions to tunnel, and takes people from Denmark to Sweden. And it does so underwater!

It’s about 5 miles long. It leads to a man-made island, which becomes the actual tunnel.

COWI, a Danish engineering firm with a team led by architect George K.S. Rotne, are the ones responsible for this marvel.

Both countries use this tunnel. A toll is required as well.

Peberholm is the man-made island, constructed from material taken up from the seabed, which connects the bridge to the tunnel.

The island itself houses plants and animals who live wildly. Biologists love it here and have id’d over 500 different types of plants. They also discovered a rare toad which calls this place home.

Here’s the toll stations, as well as the railway.

The only pieces of the bridge to be constructed where it stands are the pylons, as everything else was either placed on floating cranes and constructed or else built on land.

The bridge spans across the Flinte Channel. It holds cars on the upper level. The railway is beneath. Supporting the bridge are the two, 670 feet tall, pylons.

It opened on July 1st of 2000 and has since provided a whopping 3.7 million residents access to either side for travel.

It takes just over 30 minutes from Copenhagen to Malmo, while 65 percent of the people go by train using this route.

Pretty incredible what can be done when there is a need for something, and a creative solution is necessary to make the need materialize.

To learn more about the Øresund, visit its official website here.

Via: TwistedSifter | Oresundsbron