This man has a laughably simple trick for whitening teeth. All you need is a paste with a secret ingredient.

Everyone nowadays is after that shiny, white smile! Hundreds of dollars are being spent trying to achieve ultra white teeth. The effects of coffee, tea, and smoking have stained up our teeth. The common teeth-whitening remedies can contain concentrated hydrogen peroxide which can be harmful to our choppers. But there’s another way to get amazing teeth-whitening results, and all it takes are spices and oils which you may have in your kitchen already.

Here’s what you need:

turmeric (powder)

coconut oil

peppermint oil

Here’s how to put this mix together:

First, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil together and make a paste.

Now you want to apply this paste on your toothbrush. Simply brush your teeth as you usually would. Use this on a regular basis, and you will start seeing results fairly quickly!

Check out these results:

Turmeric is part of the ginger family and it comes from India. It’s been used there as medicine for centuries. It whitens up teeth and has anti-inflammatory properties, which promote circulation around the gums, as well as supporting the healthy oral bacteria!

It fights against harmful bacteria while battling gum disease germs. It seems odd that a dark yellow spice that usually is used in curries, can actually be a teeth whitener, but indeed that’s the case. Ironically while it helps to unstain your teeth, it can stain your clothes! Best to use a separate brush for your turmeric scrub!

As far as coconut oil goes, it’s the lauric acid that serves as a cavity killer as it neutralizes bacteria in the mouth.

The freshness of peppermint oil is excellent, and it too also has antibacterial properties.

Check out this video which reveals just how the paste is made and talks about more of the turmeric benefits.

Really an amazing formula for teeth whitening. Totally natural too and won’t harm the teeth, and won’t harm the wallet either.

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