This is the last bullet you’ll ever need — watch and see the technology for yourself

Ammunition manufacturers have spent years attempting to create the perfect projectile for nearly any job, but thanks to G2 Research we may actually see the time when that happens. They’ve created a bullet dubbed the RIP, or Radically Invasive Projectile, capable of tearing through just about anything you could imagine for a lethal shot. This 96 grain cartridge features a design unlike any other before them, though it does resemble what you’d expect in a hollow point. The strange design allows for precise, accurate shots while also dispersing a proverbial sh**-ton of kinetic energy in an outward motion.

Basically, anyone shot with a single RIP round wouldn’t be alive to talk about it afterwards. If you shot them in the arm, they’d probably lose the arm – same goes for any other extremity. There’s a reason the bullets were described as the last ones you’ll ever need to use, because anyone you use them on won’t be getting back up. It’s not apparent as to whether or not a bulletproof vest would be able to stop one of these rounds, but after hearing everything they’re capable of traveling through it wouldn’t come as a shock if they can.

So far G2 has only managed to manufacture the 9mm variant of the RIP, though they are well underway creating different calibers for multiple different gun types. With the sheer destructive capabilities just a single one of these bullets tote, it’s no surprise they’re expecting military and law enforcement agencies to pick up on them shortly. It would honestly be more surprising if they didn’t knowing how militaristic the world seems today.