The entire school shows up at this teacher’s funeral. But when they do THIS I got goosebumps.

You likely remember your favorite teachers. They have a way of staying with you forever and even shaping your life in a very positive manner. Dawson Tamatea was one of those teachers. At the Palmerston North Boys’ High School in Wellington, New Zealand, he taught gym and math for over 30 years. He indeed left his mark in a very positive fashion as hundreds of students no doubt were impacted by this man.

So when he passed away, the students knew that the tribute to their beloved teacher had to be very special. And extremely powerful.

What they decided to do was indeed epic. They performed a Haka, which is a traditional war dance of the New Zealand aboriginals, the Maori.

Apparently this dance was first performed by the Maori, in order to intimidate enemies. Next it was embraced by Kiwis of all backgrounds, and was used to celebrate their national heritage.

It was a half day for the school so everyone could attend the epic funeral. This truly is an incredible performance in honor of an incredible man. Check this out:

Here’s what the school wrote to describe the performance for the funeral:

“The entire school performing the Haka during the arrival of Mr. Tamatea in the hearse. This was a very emotional and powerful performance. We are extremely proud of our boys’ performance and we know that Mr Tamatea would be too.”

What incredible passion these students have! Clearly this teacher made a major impact and these students wanted to make it clear to everyone just how powerful his memory will live on.

Teachers are underrated in so many ways. They really are very important figures in society that remain with us throughout our lives.

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