The best way to remove an old fence post

Getting rid of an old fence is a real pain. Those fence posts are near impossible to get out of the ground. You can try to muscle the thing out all you want, but it just doesn’t seem to want to budge at all. That’s when you have to get crafty. This is a very clever, and extremely effective method for dealing with these stubborn posts. You need nothing more than a few feet of chain and an old tire. Seconds later you are looking at a successfully removed post!

Besides the instructions given in the video, there are a few extra tips that are recommended by the uploader, which will make this method as easy as possible. Here’s the additional tips he gives:

1. Probably would be a good idea to lay a piece of carpet or tarp over the chain. However, there was rarely much force that needed to be applied. Any time there was, I backed away from the post. I did not install these posts. I just needed to remove them.

2. We shouldn’t have used the tow ball to pull from. Again, never came close to the tow capacity of the ball, but probably still should have avoided it.

3. For those of you that cannot get a truck close to your work area, I guess you will have to find a different method.

Check out how they pull this off and share this crafty method of fence-post removal with friends and family!