The Best Of Chef Ramsay’s Insults & Funny Moments!

Gordon Ramsay is one of, if not the most prolific chefs of our time. The things this man has managed to do to food will be shared and remembered for generations to come, but as his American audience knows he’s not always the most kind about it. In fact, some people would call him downright hateful at times, and though the same can be said for just about everyone they’re not all television stars. Overall you can tell the guy is simply very passionate about his work, so when he comes across those who don’t share it and they don’t listen he can get a little testy.

Ramsay began his television career in the late 1990’s and by 2004 had become one of the widest known celebrity chefs in history. His TV personality would differentiate depending on which country the show was made, so for you non-American users this video will probably surprise you! Over the years Ramsay has been involved in more television shows than we could name here and has also given him ample material to use on his gag reels. I’m telling you, the guy himself is so funny he could be a comedian, but don’t tell him that or we may see a new television show…

Remember to cook the meat the whole way through if you ever plan on serving a meal to Gordon Ramsay to judge. I mean, that would just seem like common sense… It would probably surprise you to learn that in comparison his British personality is much less volatile than this, but, you know, ratings.