Spider Makes HUGE Mistake Invading Bee Hive

If you haven’t seen any of the new season of Planet Earth you need to jump on it because it’s one of the best nature series to date. This show manages to really show you as many cool and crazy aspects of nature as possible, and they do an amazing job of it. They feature plants, animals and insects of all types doing their own thing, and while it’s highly suggested you watch it they obviously couldn’t record everything! The wilderness is filled with so many things we have yet to even discover that it would be impossible for any one crew to film it all, so we also have to rely on home videos from time to time.

Take this incredible video of a honeybee hive for example; this video shows exactly the great lengths the bees will go through in order to protect their home, their children and their delicious honey. This massive spider decided to infiltrate the hive, possibly hoping for some easy food, but the bees weren’t having any of it. Within moments a couple of the braver honey-makers got close enough to sting it, then many more followed suit. In seconds a full swarm of bees were covering the spider, no doubt stinging it all over it’s body in the process!

That was like watching a bad version of the movie 300, except there were way less bees than the Persians and only one spider (is it big enough to count as two?) as the Spartans. Even with a valiant effort there just wasn’t anything the spider could do, and it was slaughtered. Of course the Spartans died too, but they put up way more of a fight than spider bro did.