Social Justice Warriors in Austin Chant “What’s Better than 12 Dead Cops? 13 Dead Cops!”

Social Justice Warriors haven’t really been striving towards earning a reputable name for themselves, but as more videos like the one you’re about to see come out it’s not surprising as to why. The worst part is that the longer they’re stuck in the same echo chambers the worse it’s going to get overall. There needs to be open discourse between the people and the police or the separation will continue to grow further apart, which isn’t something anyone wants to see in the end.

The group you see above are known as there “Red Guards”, and they decided to protest right outside of a High School. The big problem with this is what they began collectively chanting – they were calling for the deaths of cops. The amount of cops who have been killed in the line of duty this year so far has risen by 60% of what happened in 2015 and there’s still more than a month left, so this could not have come at a worse time.

The funny part about this group is their sheer blindness to the problems they’re only making worse, while assuming it’s all in the name of some greater good. Well, if your greater good calls for the death of anyone it’s not a “good” most want to be a part of, so you could imagine the amount of ruffled feathers this incident produced. Naturally everyone is entitled to speak their minds whenever they want, but we as a society have already banded together and decided what is and is not appropriate. Should they be punished? Absolutely not, that would only embolden their message, but the fact remains that they are acting militant.

Maybe if they had a better message than that it would be easier for other people to support their cause, but don’t tell them that or they’d blame you.