She asks for help to fish out her keys, what happened next left me in tears of laughter

Sometimes you could just be going about your day as per usual when things start getting a little weird. Just because it can be doesn’t always make it an unpleasant fact, but at this point you know it’s more than likely for a YouTube video or some other type of prank. Some of these pranks are lighthearted and fun while others can be a bit more painful, but if you ever find yourself in an impossible situation you can almost guarantee you’re being recorded. Take this group of random men for example; they happened upon a beautiful woman (with ample cleavage) who needed some help getting into a locked room. When she goes to hand the key she’s holding with her teeth off to the men, she “accidentally” drops it between her breasts.

The men appear about as surprised as she should have been, but instead of handing off the load she’s carrying in her hands she asks the men to fish the key out for her. More than a few of the guys were a bit nervous at first, this isn’t a situation many people are placed in randomly, but eventually she convinces them to dive on in. What these guys aren’t prepared for at this point is a rather large, Brock Lesnar looking guy walking up behind them to figure out why they’re digging into his girlfriends shirt! Luckily none of them seemed to get overly defensive, though if something like this ever happened for real a fight would more than likely break out.

Now that’s a prank that’s not only fun without damaging other people in some way or another but it’s also poking fun at how overly sexualised we’ve placed everything. I’m just wondering why none of them thought to just pull out her shirt a little to allow the key to fall to the ground, but then again I think I know… Lesson learned, never dig into a stranger’s cleavage in public no matter how much they ask.