Saying the right words will keep you out of jail after a self defense shooting

Here’s a very important video by Massad Ayoob who covers the proper way to act when you are the shooter and have been involved in a self defense shooting situation. These five points should be memorized and/or placed in laminated copy form in your wallet for reference. Imagine the stress of the situation, and you can see how your memory on these five points could become blurry. So it’s a good idea to have a reference copy with you in case. Always play it safe. If in doubt, just stay quiet and follow these five steps:

1. Say “Officer this person attacked me”
2. Say “I will sign the complaint”
3. Point out evidence
4. Point out witnesses
5. Say “Officer you will have my full cooperation within 24 hrs after speaking with an Attorney”

Here’s a bonus tip: Keep a reasonable attitude, do not be cocky. Give the officer proper identification while cooperating with him, but without incriminating yourself in the process.

Check out this very important video.