Say Hello To The Fastest Electric Car In The World

Electric cars have long been an environmentalists wet dream when compared to the combustion engines we primarily utilise today, but there have been a few issues. Battery length and charge time was one, but that’s changing about as rapidly as our overall battery technology so that’s one problem solved. Another issue they’ve been having is the general low-range these vehicles are capable of, which is an issue we’re still working around today. Fortunately that hasn’t stopped scientists and engineers from continuing their research or building new things which has ultimately led to the creation of this incredible car.

Members from Ohio State University partnered up with Venturi Automobiles, a Monaco based auto company, to design and create the VBB-3 (Venturi Buckeye Bullet – 3). To create this monster of an electric car they didn’t focus on distance or recharge time, instead they decided to aim for speed! In two runs this car managed to average a speed of around 548kph, or 340.5mph, setting a new FIA record for the fastest electric car ever built. With two electric motors and batteries with 2 Megawatt capacity you’d think they’d be satisfied, but they’re not done yet!

The team is aiming to break this record once again after a few modifications; their ultimate goal is to reach 643kph (400mph) before they’re ready to call it quits. After being in a vehicle traveling faster than 150mph I can safely say you’ll never find me anywhere near one of those things, but if they ever get it into the air I may sing a different tune. What about you?