Ecstasy Could Soon Become A Prescription Drug In America

In recent years the psychoactive drug ecstasy has become the second most popular illegal substance for new users. You might have heard that it causes holes in your brain and you also may have been told how much more dangerous it can be, but that’s simply not the case. Medical professionals have been working around the clock studying this illicit substance to figure out the truths behind all the smoke and mirrors the government and its constituents have thrown up to surround it for so many years, and it seems they’ve learned something.

Scientists now believe that ecstasy can be used to help combat the devastating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, so much so that the US Food and Drug Administration have given the go ahead for Phase III clinical trials. This is the final step to determine whether or not the substance will be available for public use. Since the news came out on November 30th people across the nation have been more than curious as to what exactly they’re thinking, especially when America is known for it’s incredibly staunch anti-drug stances. The reason for that is there’s a difference between the MDMA used in the trials and the street drug ecstasy we know today, so misrepresenting one for the other only continues to perpetuate propaganda.

At one point in history ecstasy was strictly pure MDMA, but back in 1985 when the drug became illegal the overall purity found on the streets quickly declined. Most of the drugs sold on the streets today which claim 100% purity never stand up to the test under a microscope, which is where the leading difference between ecstasy and MDMA lie. Now, before you begin to assume that this is being treated the same way as medical marijuana is that’s just too far from the truth.


Three times a month patients are administered a dosage of the drug during therapy sessions. Those sessions were completed on and off the substance and what they discovered was that it actually did help with symptoms stemming from PTSD. These trials have been going so well that researchers believe it could become legalised by as soon as 2021, and could easily become one of the leading drugs prescribed for the debilitating mental condition.

The war on drugs has won and failed all at once; it lost because the substances they’ve made illegal have never been as popular as they are now, and it won because there’s too many people out there blindly following the false information spread about so many years ago. The point of humanity is to grow and to continue forward, to ask questions and strive for their answers… so why are we so adamant about sticking to the same outdated modes of thought?