Police say this Catholic school teacher sexually abused students and the jaw dropping details are stunning

Sexual abuse and sexual assault are in no way, shape or form a problem that should exist in today’s society, yet it’s still a recurring issue. There are rapists from all different professions, we’ve seen it happen from priests, teachers, cops and firefighters, all the people we’re supposed to blindly trust. Well, we now know we can’t blindly trust anything at all, because as more cases come to light it becomes obvious how many messed up people are still alive, well and in a position to abuse whatever menial power they have. That’s exactly why this story is absolutely sickening and at the same time, not surprising.

Randi Zurenko is a 33-year-old woman who was a teacher at Bishop McDevitt High School who has recently been charged with 233 counts of sexual misconduct against two of her own students. The kicker – it’s a Catholic High School. Luckily she has since been suspended from teaching at the school while the investigation continues, and it’s not looking good for her. This Pennsylvanian teacher had pictures and videos of two teenage girls, one she had started a relationship back in 2013 and the other as recently as last summer.

There are a lot of sick people in positions that shouldn’t be open to them, but it just goes to show how well a monster can hide in sheep wool. As more leaks continue to reveal a massive web of possible sexual abuse and child molestation cases across the globe, it seems about time we did a little spring cleaning. Regardless of what you believe, this is just wrong.