Parents of Dead Armed Robber Are Really Mad Their Son’s Victim Had a Gun [VIDEO]

A couple of weeks ago Michael Grace Jr. was shot and killed at a Charlotte, North Carolina Pizza Hut during an attempted robbery. The robbery began when Grace and two of his friends got together and threw caution to the wind. They armed themselves and headed towards their target, but when they arrived the situation didn’t play out how they planned in the slightest. One of the employees was armed as well, and he wasn’t planning on allowing the safety of everyone around to be jeopardised.

The employee decided to pull out his legally owned firearm and pulled the trigger, hitting Grace in the head and chasing the other two off. While this sounds like a clear-cut case of self defence, Grace’s parents Temia Hairston and Michael Grace are asking why the employee was even carrying a gun in the first place! It’s easy to lay blame on someone else when the worst comes to be with a son or daughter, but this is in no way the fault of the guy just trying to do his job. Even insinuating as much is absolutely mind boggling!

If it weren’t for the fact that Grace himself was armed with a gun at the time of the robbery then I could possibly see his parent’s argument, but not with how it actually happened. Of course they’re grieving over the death of their son, and no doubt have little clue how to explain this to Grace’s son, but no one should be blamed for following the law and defending themselves. That’s just one opinion in a sea of thousands, what do you think?