A 78-year-old woman asks these teens for a little respect, and gets answered in a vicious way

There’s a rising issue we have amongst the young and old generations of the world. Where the older people have wisdom they also have their prejudices, but the young people have begun viewing them as simply outdated. This isn’t something that’s been too uncommon throughout history, here lately however we’re seeing more come from it than ever before. Unfortunately these attacks don’t always wind up with the aggressors being caught, but thanks to a couple of good mothers there are at least two violent teens who will truly suffer the consequences of their actions.

Sixteen-year-old Jazmine Watson was with a 15-year-old friend were riding the subway in Brooklyn last Friday when they came across a 78-year-old woman in need of a seat. Watson had been sprawled out across multiple seats so the elderly woman asked if she wouldn’t mind moving her foot so she could take a seat. For some reason this request agitated the young duo and words were exchanged. Eventually the tram arrived in Bedford-Stuyvesant where the elderly woman got off and was followed by the two teens. She was then sucker punched from behind and brutally beaten. Fortunately a Good Samaritan named Ted Hamilton had seen what went down and immediately came to help. The teens were then turned in by their own mothers!

This is a serious issue we as a society need to face together if we want any meaningful change to come about. We have to remember not to grow obstinate in our old age but we should also never be pushed over by a child. If we don’t start teaching our kids about a better way of life then this is all they’ll know; are we really prepared for that?