Man Tries to Steal Signed Steph Curry Shoes from Little Kid

These days it seems like less and less people are doing nice things for each other than they used to, but after witnessing the average person’s behaviour of late it’s not surprising. There are more than a few people out there who could care less about anyone else and worry only for themselves. It’s a sad fact of the current state of the world but it’s one we must deal with none the less, though goodwill continues to shine every now and again. You may know Stephen Curry as being one of the most prominent basketball stars we have today, but on top of his incredible skill he is also a genuinely good person.

Curry will often do something small for a fan after a game’s over, like giving them his jersey or his shoes, so when this particular game ended and he took his shoes off to sign them no one really questioned it. It wasn’t out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary was a man standing off to the side of a group of excited kids turning out to be a thief. As Curry goes to give a kid one of the shoes the man makes a desperate grab and attempts to flee the scene, but there were more than enough people around to stop him!

Why someone would be willing to do that to a little kid is beyond me, so hopefully he receives a decent enough punishment when the time comes. That’s just the very definition of selfishness, and it’s not anything to be proud of.