Man Gets Chopsticks Stuck In The Worst Place Imaginable

There are certain times in a persons life when it would feel more embarrassing to go seek medical help than it would be to attempt taking care of things yourself, don’t think about it. There are reasons doctors go to school for forever and a day and one of them is to break them of any embarrassment they hold over the human body. We all know that things can go wrong with your sexual organs the same as with every other part of your body, so don’t risk them when you wouldn’t risk an arm or a leg! One man from China learned that lesson in one of the hardest ways I could ever imagine, and it all started with some chopsticks.

A Chinese man known only as Chen had been suffering with some problems urinating – he discovered blood in the pee. Believing it was merely due to a block in his urethra and too embarrassed to go to the hospital, he decided to “remove” the blockage himself… with a 7-inch stainless steel chopstick. Whether he had any type of lubrication to actual insert the thing is unknown, but either way that sounds like one of the most painful things that could ever happen. Well, this guy’s story doesn’t end there.

Apparently the chopstick he used wound up getting sucked in further than he anticipated and got stuck! Chen attempted to remove it himself but was only met with more pain than he ever thought possible, so he finally decided to head in to see a doctor. Wise decision. According to the medical professionals it would have been entirely possible for the man to die had the chopstick been pushed any farther in, so at least he managed to avoid death in this whole ordeal.

Thankfully the doctors did manage to remove the piece of metal after a somewhat awkward surgery, but you can tell from the x-ray images that it had been pushed up against Chen’s rectal wall. If you ever get the feeling like you want to shove something up your pee-hole, you should probably decide against it…