Man finds baby wrapped in a blanket in a park. What happens next is so touching.

On his way to work, Raul Marin Ceja crossed the canal as he always does. It was an early Saturday morning, a day like any other. While walking along he happened to notice something odd. A bundle of dirty blankets on the ground down at the shore. Probably trash, maybe an animal. He decided to make a move forward and give it a quick glance for the heck of it.

It’s a good thing he did. Because inside the bundle of dirty blankets, was an infant! The umbilical cord was still attached and Raul quickly realized the horrific situation at hand. Somebody had abandoned their newborn baby. Raul rushed the baby to the hospital as quickly as possible.

When they arrived, the baby was in good health. There was no info regarding the parents. Raul was overcome with a sudden attachment to this child. Was it fate? Raul believes so. He decides to see about adopting the child.

Thankfully Raul’s family was totally on board. What a blessing it was that Raul found the little girl. She indeed now does have a father.

Check out this video about Raul finding the little baby who became his new daughter:

It’s so wonderful to know how much Raul was paying attention that day. Most people tend to be unaware and in their own world while on their way to work. Something in Raul told him to go take another look, and as a result he now has a daughter.