Jaguar Panzer vs Tractor STX 440 – tug of war?

Tug of war is one of the most fun ways to test the strength and coordination of a group of people; if even one person falls out of sync then their capability as a whole drops immensely and just pulling will only wear you down. We’ve seen professional tug-of-war teams go against heavy machinery in the past and we’ve also seen them lose more often than not. We’ve also seen matches between two different heavy machines in the past, but never before have we been able to watch as one of the biggest tractors pit itself against a Jaguar Panzer!

These types of competitions have a long and rich history in the US, Brazil, Australia and parts of Europe since back in 1860 when farmers used them to test the strength of their horses. Even before that we have evidence of Greek athletes pulling against one another way back in 500BC, but there’s really no pinpointing where or when it all began. From 1900-1920 tug of war was an actual Olympic sport, only nixed from the program when the IOC began cutting multiple different games to decrease the amount of participants. These days, we use tanks and tractors – and people say this time period sucks.

I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the tractor to take the win from that one, especially when it appeared as though the tank was gaining momentum but it just wasn’t enough. Maybe next time they should have a bigger tank, because that tractor may as well be classified as one!