It seemed like a normal wake. But when I saw the security camera recording from later that day, I nearly fell off my chair!

Disrespecting the dead is about one of the most despicable things you could do as a person. Someone’s loved one passes away every day with funerals held just as often; there is so much mourning surrounding a death that it’s just ridiculous to imagine making that time in their lives even worse, but people manage.

Eighty-eight-year-old Lois Hicks from Texas passed away recently so her family gathered together to put on and attend her funeral. What they didn’t expect was that Lois was in for one last surprise before her body was finally buried, and not the good kind. While her body lay on display in it’s casket before the burial itself, some random woman walked up to the casket and appeared to have been paying her last respects. Well, that’s not what she was doing in the slightest. When the family went back up to the display they noticed her ring had gone missing, so they reviewed the CCTV footage.

That strange woman had actually been prying the ring off the old woman’s fingers the entire time, and quickly made her escape afterwards. Luckily the police did manage to catch up to her to make the arrest and recovered the ring, but something else was discovered that made the whole situation so much more entertaining for the grieving family. The diamond ring she always wore on her finger was 100% a fake!

What a way to make a bad day worse, and then somehow better again you evil, little lady. Way to go.