If you see these stickers on fruit, don’t buy it. This is the reason!

If you eat bananas or fruit, then you’ve no doubt come across the stickers. No matter how familiar you are with seeing stickers on fruit, there are still those moments where you forget to take them off and bite into them! You’ve likely felt these stickers to be more of a hassle than anything. Seriously, are they really needed?

Turns out, they actually serve an important purpose. You can actually tell from these stickers which fruit is GMO based or organic based.


But are these stickers poisonous?

When you’ve bitten into one of these stickers by accident, you may have wondered if these things are dangerous. Furthermore, couldn’t the printing and sticky label ingredients seep into the fruit somehow?

So these stickers are all actually “food-safe” and are not harmful as they are made from natural materials. The sticky part is comprised of an adhesive which is biodegradable and also harmless.


So what’s up with the codes on the stickers?

There is the PLU code (Price Look-Up codes) which shows the origin and type of product. This is used to identify the veggies and fruits and has a number between 4-8 digits which is given to the item by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS).

What do these numbers do? They differentiate between the different fruits and vegetables, and this is based on price. The price varies based on quality and other issues. There is indeed more to the code though.

The code will have 4 digits, and will begin with the number 3 or 4, if it was produced using an artificial  fertilizer.

A code with five digits, beginning with an 8 is reserved for genetically modified produce. But, produce that doesn’t have this, does NOT mean it is not GMO based, as it turns out this code is not actually mandatory!

A code that has five digits and begins with a 9 will show that it is an organic product. This was not produced using pesticides or artificial fertilizer.

More expensive, organic produce will usually have a logo or sticker describing the variety.

Not to bad of an idea to actually take a look at these stickers, right? A lot of information can be gathered on what exactly you are eating. Codes beginning with 9, seem to indicate the best quality possible. So keep your eyes out for the 9’s if you want to eat the most healthy fruit out there! Share this helpful info with friends and family!