If You Notice a Scarf Tied To a Tree or a Pole This Winter, Here’s What It Means.

How do movements start? It can all begin with the good intentions of just one person.

This is how this particular nationwide movement got started. It’s a movement that has people digging up old scarves and even making new ones. The intention is to give warmth to those who need it while they are out in the elements.

They are tying them up on trees to make them readily available for those in need. Temps are dipping drastically and this could mean the difference between suffering and staying warm. Maybe even life or death.

The head, neck and face are particular targets for cold air to rush in and cause a person to experience the chilling conditions. Scarves are ideal for protecting these vital areas.

The scarves sometimes have inspirational or thoughtful messages, or else will be more direct, urging people to take them and use them if they are cold.

“I’m not lost! Please take me with you if you are cold. Stay warm!”

The movement was created by one person, Elizabeth Sammons. It was a Facebook post regarding scarves that made the light bulb above her head appear. Her and a co-worker put five scarves on trees in the town of Fairbault, Minnesota. A woman then contacted Elizabeth with the idea to bring the project to St. Paul. Elizabeth indeed made it happen.

A heart defect and a resulting heart transplant in June of 2015 was what prompted Elizabeth to have the drive to give back. She spent her spare time crocheting scarves, giving them all away to houseless individuals or those simply in need of a scarf to stay warm with.

Elizabeth arrived in St. Paul with volunteers and with over 1,000 scarves! While some were handed out directly to those in need, others were wrapped around trees for easy access. Individuals out in the elements who would walk by later on could simply grab a scarf from a tree and immediately become warmer. Really amazing!

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