Homeless man builds his own private paradise under L.A. freeway, complete with hot tub

Everyone has their own ideas as to what paradise is or should be, but the one thing most of us could agree on is that it should have a jacuzzi. It should be warm, comfortable and a place to do more than just hang up your hats if it really is a paradise, but not all of them will look the same either. One person’s paradise is another’s nightmare, but with the state of the world the way it is paradise can be a little difficult to locate. One homeless man from LA learned that lesson years ago, so instead of travelling around the country or just lazing about, he decided to build himself a little home under a freeway!

Waddell is a man who has been homeless since he was just fourteen-years-old, but that’s not too surprising given Los Angeles’ homeless rate (second highest in the nation as of this year). Instead of rolling over and playing dead he decided to roll with the punches, and instead built himself a miniature home. He’s got a bed to sleep in, two toilets that function using baggies, shoes for both male and female visitors and even a freezer he’s fitted to turn into a jacuzzi when you add water. He even planned out accommodations for any guests that may stumble his way! This attraction garnered the attention of city officials who have attempted to tear the place down before, but he just keeps coming back.

The only real problem with being homeless is the stigma attached to it and the publics inability to look beyond it. Few people attempt to actually help them instead of just throwing change at the problem, so it’s always pleasant to see someone giving the middle finger to the rest of the world like this. The best part is that Waddell doesn’t see what the deal about it is; the way he sees it he just did what everyone else would do when they wanted a place of their own, so it’s unlikely he’ll be leaving anytime soon. He even denied homeless services he enjoys it so much!