He Urged Their Guests To Assault Her — When They Refused, He Took Matters Into His Own Hands

Warning: The images and details of this story are graphic and concern domestic violence.

Nursing assistant Carleigh Hager was 25 and thought she might someday marry her prince charming boyfriend, Ryan Cameron.

The two attended a wedding together and upon returning that evening, suddenly Ryan started to berate her verbally. Then the unthinkable happened.

Warning: The story and images and descriptive concern domestic violence and are indeed graphic.

Indianapolis resident Carleigh Hager was a nursing assistant. On the night of October 22, her boyfriend was drinking and began verbally abusing her, even though there were friends in the house. She tried to go to sleep, hoping it would all end.


But it was after she got into bed that Ryan would end up locking the door, and then he would proceed to choke her while she was trying to sleep! Friends actually broke into the room and pulled him off her, but he got them out of the house and locked all the doors, then started attacking her again. He even tried ripping her tongue out.


Midway through the attack, Carleigh ended up blacking out. She can’t remember much, but when she awoke, there were bite marks and bruises covering her body.


Even though in bad condition, Carleigh felt compelled to speak out against domestic violence. It’s a message that is very important to hear.

Thankfully, Ryan is currently in jail on multiple charges. In the meantime, Carleigh’s family has set up a GoFundMe where those who wish to do so can donate to help pay for her medical costs.

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