Guy Suplexed After Tagging Dudes Girlfriend in “Send Nudes” Video on Instagram

If there’s anyone who can’t take a joke about their girlfriends it’s a teenager in high school. High schoolers in general aren’t known for having any level of patience to them, but when sex gets thrown into the mix of raging hormones it can get even worse. As an adult it’s generally understood that being a home wrecker or attempting to be one would mark you in a negative light for a very long time; as a teenager you’ll probably simply find yourself in a fight, which is what one kid learned the hard way.

This kid decided to make a joke at a friend’s girlfriends expense, only to learn just how protective some people can be. The joke he decided to make wasn’t even remotely funny, but in the mind of a teenager it more than likely would be. With that being said, he decided to tag the girl on Instagram to a “send nudes” video. When the boyfriend learned what the kid did he decided to confront the other teen in the parking lot right outside their school. Instead of talking it out and expressing just how immature that type of behaviour is the kid instead decided to start throwing blows. Eventually he picked the other kid up and slammed him into the concrete, knocking him out!

If it’s adult you’re looking for there are plenty of websites you can visit to satisfy that desire, but propositioning a friend or someone else’s girlfriend will rarely work, if ever. Plus it only makes you look like a pig who can’t differentiate friends from sex objects so… When in doubt, wank one out first. You’ll think clearer afterwards and probably decide against an action such as this. It’s a much better alternative than getting your a** beat.