Guy Pranks Girl by Blowing Beer Bong Back in Her Face

We’ve all got at least one friend who, despite everything else about them, we just don’t want to drink with. They could be the spitting image of Saint Angelo or Mr. Rogers, but once that alcohol begins affecting their brains they simply become too much to handle. Some people get violent, others loud and obnoxious, but one way or another drinking with them is just not as fun as it could be had they not been there. Well, one woman learned that lesson the hard way when out at a party with a bunch of her friends. They were all drinking together and enjoying themselves when someone decided to pull out a beer bong to relive their college glory days.

Speaking of college glory days one of the guys at the party decided to hit the bong. Like a good friend would, that young woman trudged her way to the second floor and got the guy prepped to go. With beer in the funnel and people holding it up, the guy begins to chug it all down. Right when he gets down to the froth left behind from an awkward pour, he swallows the beer in his mouth and blows the remainder upwards – right into her face!

At least the beer can be washed out of her hair, but that smell is guaranteed going to linger for the rest of the day. Luckily for her there’s so much drinking going on not a single person’s going to notice anyways, so all-in-all that wasn’t a half bad prank! Hopefully she’s planning some type of revenge video though, I’d like to see how far these two would take it.