Giant spider trying to eat mouse is pure nightmare fuel

There are certain creatures around the world you just couldn’t pay me enough to get close to, and the Huntsman Spider is one of them. These spiders aren’t typically known for being dangerous to humans, but the fact that they can grow to have a leg span of over a foot puts them as one of the creepiest spiders around. Some people love the things but for every one that does there are at least two that wouldn’t, but either way no one wants to find one of them randomly in their house. Just imagine the spiders from the shower scene in Arachnophobia being a foot long each, and then tell me you wouldn’t mind having them there.

Well, someone actually woke up to one of these huge spiders just hanging around on his fridge. The Australian native was more surprised about what the spider was carrying than the eight-legged creep itself, all because that little overachiever decided to go for a mouse! This was shortly after midnight, and luckily for him his neighbour was about to set off for work so he asked him to come take a look as well.

The Huntsman earned it’s name through a rather unorthodox method of stalking prey rather than building elaborate webs to catch them, so at the very least the guy won’t have to worry about walking through one in his own home. With that being said, if that spider was ever in my own house I would be out of there faster than if I was paid to do it, then again I’m not Australian. What do you think, is this a “burn the whole house down” situation?