Fresno Robbery Goes Terribly Wrong For Rifle Wielding Robber When Clerk Fires Back

There’s plenty of reasons the second amendment right to bear arms is so defended by over half of the US populous, people have the right to defend themselves. Here lately it’s proving more necessary than ever as our controlling bodies actively fight to make things worse for the average citizen, and as a result more people are turning to crime. We can’t necessarily blame them when the deck is stacked, but it’s still not the smartest or best idea to follow through on. Plenty of thieves do get away with the goods they’ve stolen, but when confronted with the same violence they’re counting on working in their favor they tend to turn tail and run.

Back on November 28th in Fresno, California a Latino male and female were caught on CCTV camera entering a 7/11 with a rifle brandished. Almost immediately after walking in they realise the clerk behind the counter is also armed, and deciding a gunfight was not in their nightly plan they quickly left. Just as fast as they’d come in they were gone, and now the Fresno police are asking for assistance in identifying the people caught in the video.

Stealing from some poor 7/11 clerk doesn’t do anything besides threaten their own job security and possibly nets you $100 or so. Does a possible prison sentence for $100 sound like it would be worth it to you? Me either.