Farmer Guns Down Massive Boars From Helicopter After Attacking Dog (GRAPHIC)

Farmers have to deal with things the average person would never even imagine being up against on top of the insane hours they already put in to their fields, but they’ll never give up on a new task that needs to be done. One of the most important aspects to farming is sheer determination, because without it there’s just no way half of the chores on a farm would get done. They have to ensure their crops are fed and watered properly; the animals need to get out and roam around but they’ll also need some place that has cover for when it rains or snows and every once in a while will also need to be protected.

In order to help guard their lands many farmers end up raising a dog or two, but every once in a while even that’s not enough. This farmer was going about his daily business when he heard his pet and best friend yelping. When he managed to make it over to the dog he discovered a herd of wild boar had left a massive gash in the animal before running away, but this farmer wasn’t giving up.


Immediately taking action this guy loads into a helicopter and starts chasing down the wild animals on his land. Normally this isn’t the type of hunting anyone would take part of on a farm, but when the safety of your livelihood is at stake drastic measures must sometimes be taken. Luckily this guy is one hell of a shot and manages to bring down most of the boars one shot at a time, though the helicopter sway did cause a couple near-misses.


In the end he managed to bring them all down without much trouble, and if he decides to use them as meat for the winter will probably have enough to share with one of the neighbors fourteen miles down the road…

What a hell of a shot.