Drunk Dude Smashes Restaurant Window Gets In Cooks Face Who Knocks Him Out

We’ve all done some crazy, off-the-wall things while we’ve been drinking, that’s just a fact of drinking alcohol. Some people get giddy and ultra-talkative, others begin to sulk over lost romance and others just lose all semblance of common sense they once held. Those are the types of people that will go from being a smiling, happy drunk to “come on fite me bro” in thirty seconds or less – they’re all around unpleasant to deal with. Every once in a while this could lead tosome fantastic stories to tell later on down the road when you know better, but in general they’re the types to ruin a good night for seemingly nothing.

This guy had apparently gotten a little too drunk either before hitting up this restaurant or during, but for some reason one thing led to another and an altercation began right outside.The disgruntled drunk then proceeded to break one of the large windows to the place and was subsequently confronted by one of the chefs working that day. The idiot decided that the chef was the perfect person to take his frustrations out on and got in his face, but the chef wasn’t playing games with this man-child. After asking him to step away the drunk continued his incessant pestering up to the point where the chef pulls a fist back and knocked the guy out!

Insult to injury is when your friend attempts to pull you away from the scene and winds up lifting your shirt up over your face and pantsing you all at once. This was just not a good day for that guy, but when you act like a jacka** in public you should always expect to get treated like one. What a solid hit though, you can bet it’s a lesson he wont soon forget especially since there’s no doubt he’ll be charged for that large window replacement…