Dad Pulls Back Covers To Check On Sleeping Daughter. Screams For Help Seeing What’s On Her Head

A child’s birthday is something that’s supposed to be a joyous event. Cake, presents and balloons are all staple items that should bring happiness, not heartbreak.

Unfortunately for 8-year-old Jaina McGloghlon, one of these items would cut her life short….

After a birthday party at her home, Jaina was exhausted and her father helped tuck her into bed. Several hours later, he returned to Jaina’s room to find one foot sticking out of the bed and covers over her face.

Thinking his daughter was in a deep sleep, Jaina’s father pulled the comforter down over her toes and off of her face. That’s when his heart dropped.

Jaina’s grandmother Pat McGloghlon told KATU News what happened on that horrible night.

“My son went in to check on her and all he saw was a foot sticking out of her bed. Then he took the covers off and found the balloon on her head. He put her on the floor and cut the balloon off her head. He started CPR and we called 911.”

On Jaina’s head was a giant mylar balloon that was used in the party. He immediately ripped the balloon off and screamed for someone to call 9-1-1. Jaina was unconscious and unresponsive –  but he didn’t give up hope.


Screenshot via KATU News

Paramedics arrived within minutes of the 9-1-1 call and attempted to revive the second-grader for over an hour before pronouncing her without life. They determined Jaina passed away from accidental suffocation, and her family was absolutely devastated.

The McGloghlons and police official think Jaina was trying to suck the helium out of the balloon, stuck the entire thing over her head and subsequently suffocated.

Jaina’s nightmare scenario is something that happens more often than parents might think. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, balloons are the children’s product that causes the most cases of childhood suffocation.

Grandma Pat is telling all parents and grandparents not to take the children in their lives for granted.

“Everybody just hug their kids and tell them you love them.”

After coming to terms with her passing, Jaina’s family prays that her story is hopefully one that will prevent another child death from occurring.


Facebook/Tom McGloghlon

Learn more about Jaina’s heartbreaking accident in the video below. Note: Video may not load on all mobile browsers.

No one should have to lose a child in such a horrific manner. Be sure to share this information with any parents and grandparents so they can protect their little ones in the future!

Sources: KATU News, Consumer Product Safety Commission  / FB Image Credit: Screenshot via KATU News