Boy Is Put Under For Surgery, Wakes Up To Discover Doctor Made Change Without Parents Knowing

Having to undergo an operation can be a stressful experience. You can imagine how tough it is for children.

There was one boy who had an operation and afterwards, was shocked, as the doctor did something very special for the child.

The boy was at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and had a best friend with him. His stuffed animal! Well, the doctor figured the whole procedure would be much easier for the child to deal with if he knew someone else was going through the same thing he was. So the doctor did something special.

“After performing surgery on a young boy, Dr. Groth made the extra effort to perform an additional surgery on the boy’s best friend – his stuffed animal. Our doctors, nurses and staff go out of their way to make sure every child feels comfortable and safe. Whether it’s stitching up their favorite toy or dressing up as their favorite character, we know how to make children feel better.”

Even his parents didn’t know what was going on and were very surprised. The doctors kind act has since gone viral!


Dr. Groth is kind of known for this sort of thing. Kate Kaddatz saw this photo and immediately recognized the handiwork, but never knew the doctor who did it.

“Oh my goodness!! It must have been him who stitched up my son’s pillow pet monkey while we were there to see Dr. Groth last month!! He went in with duct tape on him (because stuffing was falling out and this mama doesn’t know how to sew!). I noticed when we got home that the monkey was stitched up!! Thank you so much, Dr. Groth!! That really meant a lot that you took the time to go the extra mile!!”

Really amazing. Here’s what Michelle Grohoski had to say:

“When my daughter was at children’s for getting her broken leg set. Her stuffed animal also came out with a cast on his leg.”

What a wonderful doctor and no doubt these kids are recovering much easier knowing that their best buddy is right there alongside them, going through the same thing!


Turns out he also uses the X-ray machine to similar effect. He actually once did an X-ray on an Elmo doll!

“Yup they did an x-ray on Elmo…( yes this was ten years ago…with actual FILM! LOL) and we still have it!”

They were able to find the source of that addictive giggling sound that Elmo makes!


A mom named Holly Decker Lamb brought her daughter in for cochlear ear surgery, and her best friend had the surgery as well!

“My daughter had cochlear implant surgery and so did her cat!!!! Loved Childrens”

Dr. Groth has come up with a very clever way to make the experience as easy going as possible.


Another patient, the Cookie Monster, was also admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Here’s what Tami Doyle had to say:

“My daughter had brain surgery and so did Cookie Monster.”


This likely isn’t something they teach you in medical school, so bravo for Dr. Groth for coming up with a clever way to provide very effective calming conditions to children who have to undergo medical procedures.

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