Apparently This Is The Simplest Way To Get Ice Off Your Windshield In Seconds With This 1 Easy Trick

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Besides having to bear with the uncomfortably cold weather, winter brings along other problems that we have to put up with.

Those of you that are really frustrated in the morning trying to get to work, and you can’t get the ice off your windshield – this is for you! Forget those annoying scrapers. This method is quick, simple, and AWESOME! Look how cool that is! It saves you tons of time from standing out in the cold. Don’t be selfish, and share this with family and friends…they’ll love you for it.

Bonus Tip: This also works on walkways, I had to use this last year when stores ran our of salt for the driveway, I used 1/2 gal containers mixed with 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 water with a tblsp of dish soap. Worked great

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