After Family’s Denied Empty Booth At Restaurant, They Snap A Photo Of It That’s Going Viral

It’s a family outing that brings everyone together. After a long week it’s always nice to get a meal out at a restaurant and not have to worry about cooking and cleaning for the family.

One family had a night out at a restaurant, and upon entering they noticed an empty booth. They decided to take a picture of it for a very special reason.


This booth was not available to sit in. Even if patrons requested it, it was forbidden for the evening.

The Texas Roadhouse restaurant gets a ton of visitors every day and night. It’s an affordable meal with good size Texas portions. And it’s delicious! The staff is a riot as well as they will sing and dance every now and then to make the whole dining experience unique. The family was so impressed by the empty booth, that they grew to like the restaurant even more.


Why is that you ask? Well, the family took a closer look at the empty table and saw that it had a white tablecloth and was surrounded by patriotic flags, as well a sign. It was dressed for five, and reserved for five. The five slain police officers during the recent Dallas sniper attack.

In this incident, Dallas police officers were ambushed by a number of snipers, and five officers suddenly lost their lives.

Other patrons also took note of the empty table, and proceeded to take pictures of the booth. Word spread on social media of the very impressive and moving dedication that the restaurant made. Rather than fill a full both and make money on it every single hour, day and night, the restaurant saw a higher purpose. Texas Roadhouse honored and showed massive respect for law enforcement and the officers who lost their lives so tragically.


Turns out Texas Roadhouse has a history for doing this type of thing. They’ve reserved tables during Veteran’s day as part of their dedication to those who serve in the military.


Veterans also receive discounts on their meals regularly. A very honorable gesture that you don’t find in many restaurants, making Texas Roadhouse indeed a special place to dine.


Hopefully Texas Roadhouse will serve as an example for others, and more restaurants will start honoring vets and fallen officers in similar fashions.


Here are the five slain police officers: Sergeant Michael J. Smith, Officer Michael Krol, Officer Patrick Zamarripa, Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens, and Mr. Brent Thompson. They worked for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department. The booth that was reserved for them was really an amazing gesture that is truly moving to the patrons who visit and to those who read about this story on social media.

Here’s a video which tells what happened to these officers.

We can easily take for granted the role of the police officer and often forget how every single day poses a potential life-threatening risk. The best thing to do is to give thanks for the service they provide to the community, and honor their memories when things sadly turn tragic.

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