After a kiss, this 20-year-old felt a strange itching. Eight minutes later it was too late for doctors to save her.

Her name is Myriam Ducre-Lemay and she was an energetic young woman from Montreal. She enjoyed living life in the moment, and she was doing just that one night in 2012 when something horrible happened. It had to do with a kiss.

It was Myriam and her new boyfriend who had enjoyed a night out at a party. The young couple went home and the boyfriend proceeded to give Myriam a deep kiss before retiring to bed. It would be only moments later when Myriam began feeling very ill. Then she was struggling to breath!

The boyfriend was in the bathroom when all this started to happen. When he came out he immediately called 911. Paramedics arrived 8 minutes later. Myriam was pronounced dead.

It was allergic shock which the woman died from. The question was, what in the world triggered this life-ending reaction?

It was revealed that Myriam had a very serious and severe peanut allergy. The boyfriend had no idea about it. The subject never came up as they had been together only a short time.

Turns out the boyfriend had eaten a peanut butter sandwich, while Myriam was getting ready for bed in the other room. Little did he know that the goodnight kiss, would be the kiss of death for Myriam.

Apparently there was enough peanut protein in his saliva that triggered the anaphylactic shock. Usually when such a thing happens, Myriam would have an epipen on her to counteract the reaction. She had left the epipen at home on this particular evening.

Naturally her mother was devastated. Such an avoidable accident had happened. One that sadly would end her daughter’s life.

It’s her mission now to warn people that these allergies are life threatening. Dr. Christine McCusker is head of pediatric allergy and immunology at Montreal Children’s Hospital and she also is warning individuals about the importance of always having the epipen on you:

“This is why you have to carry your epipen, even though you don’t want to and even though it’s not cool.”

Extremely important warning. The tragedy with Myriam is not the only one. There are many like it. Turns out that the potent allergens, like nuts, can remain in saliva for hours after eaten. Those who become intimate with those who suffer from these allergies, should absolutely avoid these foods at all costs, as you can easily and quickly transfer it to the other person.

Living life in the moment is easy to do and it’s good to do in many circumstances. But getting caught up in it without having precautions in place if you are a severe allergy sufferer, can lead to death.

Hopefully more sufferers will be more vigilant and future lives will be saved upon reading about Myriam’s tragic story. A simple kiss can lead to the unthinkable.

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