A man brutally threw an old woman to the ground. A moment later he was hit with a crushing blow.

He’s a sound engineer out of Los Angeles and one day he was on his way to the fitness studio when he encountered the unthinkable. As Kendrick Taylor walked across the parking lot, he heard desperate pleas for help. He turned toward the cries and was shocked at what he saw.

It was a young man who was robbing an older woman in brutal fashion. The Navy veteran saw the guy throw her to the ground while trying to grab the woman’s purse away from her.

There was no hesitation on Kendrick’s part. The man could have been armed but he was running on instincts and knew immediate action needed to take place or further harm could occur to this woman.

Here’s what Kendrick said:

“I just saw the lady. She was so old and when he threw her down she was so fragile and I knew she needed help.”

The attacker began to take off when Kendrick ran towards him. The guy actually still grabbed the purse and took off through the lot, wanting nothing to do with the Navy veteran.

Nevertheless, Kendrick was already going full throttle and realized he was soon in tackling distance of the robber. He flew through the air and indeed tackled the man and held him down while instructing a few others nearby to call police immediately.

John Zachary DesJardin, 23, was the cowardly robber who had previous convictions under his belt already. This latest charge would be that of robbery and assault on a person over 65 years of age. No joke in Florida as crimes against older individuals are very serious.

The woman, 76-year-old Rosemary Carelton, had suffered from shock as well as some minor injuries. A medal and a prize was awarded to Kendrick for being so brave.

Then he was invited on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as Ellen was so incredibly impressed with the man’s bravery.

A hero? Not in Kendrick’s eyes. He said the following:

“What if that was my grandmother?”

Check out how the whole incident went down:

Indeed Kendrick is a hero and went above and beyond the call of duty to not only help this woman but to take this guy off the streets to prevent future devastating robberies to occur to elderly individuals.

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